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For someone whose only life dream was to be a Broadway star, Harriet’s career trajectory might seem a little strange.  Although she lived for Theatre in High School and college, she decided living in poverty as a struggling actor wasn’t for her and soon dropped it to “go make money”.

After ten years in the corporate world, Harriet decided that wasn’t for her either and took another left turn…..this time to return to school and finish her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, all in one felled swoop.  After ten years of school and another three years getting her counseling licenses, she was finally qualified to do great things.

So, she went to work for a nonprofit.

That didn’t bring great things quickly enough, so she went into private practice as a marriage and family therapist, taught family therapy at the university level, served as clinical director / consultant for several nonprofit agencies, served as executive director for a large youth-serving organization, and in 2017, co-founded It’s Lonely at the Top!, an executive leadership program for female nonprofit leaders, while continuing her consulting practice.

Thirty years and many great things later, Harriet’s circuitous educational and career route brought her invaluable experience and knowledge that she gets to share with Individuals, groups, families, and nonprofit organizations through her consulting and executive leadership development practice.

Specializing in the successful navigation of crises and transitions – both personal and professional – Harriet has helped hundreds of clients in her tenure as therapist and consultant.

Along with her consulting practice, Harriet recently wrote and published a memoir, The Year of Grace, a chronicle of the transformation of her relationship with her father as she and her siblings cared for him during his struggle with dementia.  Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the book is an honest, funny, and poignant look at the havoc, hilarity, sadness, and transformation that dementia can bring to a family.

A “Cliff-dweller for life”, Harriet has lived in Oak Cliff in Southern Dallas for over 30 years.  She has two grown daughters, one of whom is married, a Long-Coated German Shepherd named Kora and an English Cream Golden Retriever named Luna.

Her favorite things to do are nothing, practicing yoga, playing Pickleball, the New York Times Crossword, writing nonfiction, napping, and watching British TV.